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‘Fascist forces are running Anna movement, indoctrinating young protesters’

‘Fascist forces are running Anna movement, indoctrinating young protesters’ 

From Tehelka

Jan Lokpal is anti-Dalit, OBC and Muslim, say activists, calling for a “Save Constitution” rally on 24 August
Arpit Parashar
New Delhi
Shabnam Hasmi
Activists opposing Anna Hazare have now started pointing out that the RSS and the Right-wing forces have hijacked the anti-corruption movement to ‘undermine the Constitutional guarantees’ to the people of the country in order to further their fascist agendas. They have organized a “Save Constitution” rally on 24 August at India Gate and have invited “Dalits, OBCs, minorities, progressive and democratic people,” to participate. The rally will march to Parliament.
The activists are also holding Anna responsible for misusing his right to protest saying he is trying to set a ‘dangerous example’ by saying that he will not end the fast unless the Jan Lokpal Bill is passed. Indian Justice Party chief Udit Raj said: “Dr Ambedkar said in the Parliament on 29 November, 1949 that fast and satyagrahas were dangerous for the democracy, which is now proving to be correct. The way the Jan Lokpal Bill is worded it will destroy the delicate balance of Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. A Lokpal who is not elected by the people is more likely to be whimsical, corrupt, casteist and partial.”
Raj alleges that the involvement of Right-wing forces has the Dalit community worried about the nature of the protest since “in the future Anna-like people could as well sit on a hunger strike and demand that the reservations for Dalits and OBCs should be done away with.” “

Shabnam Hashmi who heads the organisation ANHAD (Act Now for Harmony And Democracy) says the movement has been stage managed by the RSS and the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) since the very beginning. “It has been clear in the symbolism through the kind of leaflets that have been distributed across the country. The involvement of new-age gurus like (Sri Sri) Ravishankar and Ramdev proved that it is a plainly Right-wing agenda.”
The Janlokpal Bill itself is anti-Muslims and anti-Dalits in nature. Only a democratic institution can provide equal representation and justice to Muslims, Dalits and the tribals,” she added. “Dalits and OBCs have had no say in this movement and the Jan Lokpal has no provisions for their inclusion either,” said Udit Raj.
Udit Raj
Social Activist Madhu Chandra questioned Anna Hazare’s motives and political background saying: “He said that the Constitution needs to be rewritten. The Hindutva forces see the Constitution as a threat to their agenda and so want that it be rewritten.”
The role of the media in portraying the Anna movement has also been criticized as activists say it is only for the sake of ‘billions of rupees through increase in TRP rates’ that has led to unprecedented coverage. “This is what has mobilised the masses,” says Hashmi, “and led to their involvement in a highly misleading movement”.
Chandra said the mass mobilisation was due to frustration against corruption among the youth but cautioned that these youths, mainly from the middle class, were getting indoctrinated by Hindutva forces. “They are exploiting their sentiments and targeting these young minds; instigating them to protest against the democratic values of the Constitution,” he said.
Dalit thinkers and writers have already decried the movement as a Manuwadi and anti-social justice upper caste uprising which will only infringe upon the rights of the Dalits, OBCs and minorities. “The very presence of groups like the Krantikari Manuwadi Morcha shows that it is a casteist right-wing movement,” added Chandra.

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