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Modi and the Hot Soup called “Morality in Public Life”

Author Sayema Saher  Freelance Jounalist from Delhi.
“Narendra  Modi, is the worst form of human material walking on this planet earth” – a senior IPS Officer of Gujarat cadre, at present on deputation in New Delhi.
Indeed a  very strong statement for the , the poster boy of BJP by an  aware, responsible  and extremely efficient police officer of India!
The Gujarat genocide, planned and executed by  Modi brought  a scale of atrocity which was never previously known. The statistics of Gujarat carnage, by far, is the most heinous atrocity in all recorded history of independent India..
Modi’s conduct during and after the riots was partisan, communal and influenced by political and communal agenda. All of us here, on the threshold of the 10th anniversary  of  2002 carnage, are waiting to see  Modi’s acts of omission and commission  getting nailed in the  court of law.
This blatant arrogant use of power to thwart truth and democracy must stop.
Mr. Modi you  owe an explanation to me to my readers and to all those who love their freedom and their country and more than us , to the ghosts of 2002 carnage ..  the frail ghosts, the pregnant ghosts,  the babies to- be ghosts, the faceless ghosts of the bodies charred beyond recognition.
Mr. Modi you owe an explanation to all the nameless ghosts who wander through the land of Gandhi awaiting their moksha.
Do you ever get to hear the curse and bellows of the unborn babies who were killed in the womb of their mothers, how do you sleep in peace is what I wonder.
And  yet Modi boasts of praises, accolades and appreciation galore ! All minds must be blurred and darkened to be praising such a ruthless, arrogant and selfish man.
What is being overlooked is the fact that Gujarat has always been a progressive and prosperous state, with a generally peaceful law and order situation with high levels of public safety for many decades before Modi’s time. Actually, both Modi and the BJP are (mis)using Gujarat’s tradition of relative peace and prosperity as Modi’s poster child for political capital.
Modi  has very immaculately  ensured the suspension of human rights through anti-minority pogroms and  then demonized the social activists whoever tried to speak about his misdeeds
His policy has been very simple, crush the identity of minorities beyond recognition, so that they can never dare to speak against him or his atrocities and persecute any and every officer working under the constitutional framework, and refused to be party to the planners and perpetrators of violence during the riots.
This is exactly what he did when he orchestrated the 2002 carnage of Gujarat, where he completely silenced the minority by his terror keeping alive his parallel strategy of putting all officers of state in place by persecuting them in false concocted charges. NAMO as he is properly called by his supporters could not stand any officer who was upright, and who did not collaborate in anti minority action. Fortunately for Gujarat, and for India but unfortunately for Modi the number of such officers is really significant in  NAMO’s  land
His script of victimizing such officers is so overused that it gets easy to predict his line of action when he picks on any officer.  First, harassment and threats followed by cases and charge sheet and finally the arrest.
Modi has  followed his  script of persecution on many officers in Gujarat. Pradeep Sharma  an IAS officer of Gujarat cadre , is one such officer. Pradeep Sharma also happens to be the younger brother of an equally dynamic and popular IPS officer Mr. Kuldip Sharma, again from Gujarat cadre.
Mr. Kuldip Sharma  was targeted by NAMO’s government as he did not abide by the illegal instructions of Mr. Modi and the then Minister of State (Home), Amit Shah. The Chief Minister downgraded the ACRs of Mr. Kuldip Sharma with the mala fide intention of denying him promotion.
Mr. Kuldip Sharma was privy to the involvement  of one of the ministers of NAMO in a criminal conspiracy.  In fact during the carnage of 2002 Pradeep Sharma got a call from Modi to ask his brother Mr. Kuldip Sharma to go slow on rioters.
Mr. Kuldip Sharma had also alleged that Modi and former Home Minister Amit Shah put pressure on him to arrest danseuse Mallika Sarabhai in an alleged human trafficking case.
Mr. Pradeep Sharma’s case  is a sad tale of the obscenely rampant subversion of the rule of law and a person’s democratic rights by the Modi government for petty personal politics with the Sharma brothers.
All the cases hence  got  registered  against Pradeep Sharma  at the behest of the Chief Minister to falsely implicate and persecute him and to deprive him of his personal life and liberty. He is at present in jail for over 10 months apparently on a false case of land scam though the fact of the matter is that all his decisions and actions were within the state government guidelines and vetted and officially approved by the highest authorities in Gandhinagar,
Mr. Pradeep Sharma has  an unblemished record of outstanding performance throughout his career; He has received numerous accolades for his work including the President’s Medal from the Republic of Poland for proactive collaboration on joint urban development projects in Jamnagar, Gujarat, between 2001 and 2003 where he served  as the Municipal Commissioner.
His  tireless efforts in rebuilding the district of Kutch in 2004 and 2005 has been really commendable.
Mr. Pradeep Sharma in his writ petition  states that the persecution unleashed on him by the state chief minister , Mr. Narendra Modi is  essentially due to two major reasons apart from host of other supporting factors:
  1. Firstly, the Petitioner happens to be the younger brother of Kuldip Sharma, a highly-decorated and currently the senior-most IPS officer in the Gujarat state cadre, who has unmasked many misdeeds of Narendra Modi since the 2002 Godhra riots and also of his henchman Shri Amit Shah, the ex-Home Minister of State, Gujarat. The two siblings have very close to each other right from childhood and share very strong fraternal bonds.

  1.  Secondly and more immediately the petitioner is suspected of having stumbled upon  some intimate  secrets of Narendra Modi’s illicit escapades with a woman .
It was in between 2003 to 2006 that the Petitioner, in the capacity of District Collector of Kutch, commissioned a series of projects toward the beautification of Bhuj city and overall development of Kutch district. A site was selected for developing a hill garden in 2005, for which Ms. Mansi Soni from Bangalore was selected as the Landscape Architect. The Chief Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, visited Kutch to inaugurate the hill garden project upon its completion, and was at this time introduced to Ms. Soni. Thereafter, Ms. Soni communicated to the Petitioner her decision to return to Bangalore as well as shared her ongoing interaction with the Chief Minister. The fact of the intimacy between Shri Modi and Ms. Soni was confirmed when the Petitioner was in close proximity of the two and overheard their conversation during one of the official  functions. Subsequently, Ms. Soni further revealed to the Petitioner that when she called Shri Modi in his office, he would freely interrupt scheduled meetings, walking out of his office on senior officials in order to speak to her privately.
During the second week of March 2006 at approximately 5:00 PM, Ms. Soni called the Petitioner and conveyed that she had just landed in Ahmedabad city and was planning to visit Bhuj. Shortly thereafter, when the Petitioner attempted to telephone her, Ms. Soni’s cell phone was switched off and remained so for the next 48 hours. Two days later at approximately 11:00 AM, Ms. Soni called the Petitioner and conveyed that she was at the residence of Shri Modi, and had spent the duration of the previous two days at his residence. Subsequently, she met the Petitioner in Bhuj and described in detail her stay with Shri Modi.
Ms. Soni described that the next day being Holi, many people visited Shri Modi for the festival and played with colour. Shri Modi attended to them briefly and returned to his quarters. In the meantime, Ms. Soni had developed fever and requested a physician, but Shri Modi conveyed that calling a physician was impossible, given the peculiarity of their situation. The following morning she left for Vadodara in a car sent for by Shri Modi.
In November 2008, while the Petitioner was posted as Municipal Commissioner, Bhavnagar, Ms. Soni contacted the Petitioner to inform him that Shri Modi had asked her to do a project on Alang Shipyard for which she would like to come to Bhavnagar. She came to Bhavnagar and, during that time, the Petitioner observed that she was constantly in touch with Shri Modi, who was abroad and probably in South Africa. She also conveyed to the Petitioner that Shri Modi had asked her about the Petitioner and whether the Petitioner knew about her intimate relationship with Shri Modi. In one conversation, Ms. Soni showed the Petitioner a text message that the Chief Minister had sent to her from abroad. The Petitioner made a note of the cell phone number from which it had originated. The number was 9909923400.
It is submitted that the Petitioner had two cell phones at the time, with Nos. 99251 99799 and 98240 01729. On one of these, the Petitioner had saved the aforesaid number from which Ms. Soni had received personal message from Shri Modi. Once, the Petitioner accidentally dialed Shri Modi’s number, thinking that he was actually calling someone else, but the Petitioner got no reply on Shri Modi’s phone. The Petitioner realized his mistake and promptly disconnected. The Petitioner verily believes that Shri Modi must have found out the address of the holder of the SIM card from which his personal number was [accidentally] dialed, and placed it under observation either with the help of State CID (Intelligence) or illegal phone tapping methods involving the use of electronic equipment through unauthorized collaboration. Shri Modi could then have found that Ms. Soni was speaking to the Petitioner often over phone.
Around this time, the Petitioner received an anonymous letter conveying that a video of sexual activity between Ms. Soni and one person, was available on an internet website, and the letter advised the Petitioner to desist from contacting Ms. Soni, as her character and actions were not befitting of her company with Gujarat State officials. The Petitioner did indeed come across such a video clipping and it now appears to the Petitioner that Shri Modi, who was monitoring the Petitioner’s cell phone calls, started believing that videos involving Ms. Soni perhaps included him i.e. Shri Modi.
How are we suppose to react to this now ,for a leader who has always presented himself to be holier than thou.
Mr. Modi tread on this path if you really want to, but tread softly for, in an age of publicity it is almost impossible to hide one’s clandestine affair from the glare of media.
Politicians in India are expected to have a brand image in public life. Any link-ups with the opposite sex are a complete no-no for any ambitious political leader in this country, where morality is a religion.
One wonders whether there is a tinge of ridiculous hypocrisy in this, however, dear friends, this is exactly the kind of hot soup our popularly elected  Chief Minister has landed himself in to, if one was to believe this affidavit

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