Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Anek Ramayan a documentary film by Shikha Sen

Anek Ramayan a documentary film by Shikha Sen

Anek Ramayan will be telecast on NDTV 24/7 this Saturday, 10th Dec, at 3 pm and on Sunday, 11th December at 11pm and on NDTV Profit, next weekend, on Saturday,17th Dec, at 10 pm and on Sunday, 18th Dec at 5 pm.
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A brief write-up about the film :

Anek Ramayan is a film based on a play scripted and performed by parents at a school in Delhi, in which different episodes of the epic are depicted from different texts, with many authors coming in as characters to talk about how they see the story. 'Anek Ramayan' was initially intended as a Ramlila production, but when they began working on the script, the parents had to confront questions of how to integrate their own versions of the Ramayana and accommodate others'. The film looks at the evolving processes of conflict and consensus as agreement was achieved about the final presentation. It also features songs and recitations as well as contesting e-mail exchanges between parents.

The original film is about 70 mins long, but the NDTV 24/7 version will be 40 mins and the NDTV Profit version will be 50 mins.

Here's a report on the film from MailToday:

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