Monday, 24 October 2011

Agnivesh demands CBI probe into charges against Bedi

From Hindustan Times
Hitting out at former colleague Kiran Bedi, activist Swami Agnivesh on Thursday demanded a CBI probe into allegations that she misused benefits of her gallantry award to earn money for her NGO and asked her to stop giving lectures on corruption till her name is cleared.

Agnivesh,who had a bitter parting with Team Anna in which Bedi is a key member, said the nature of allegations is very serious and it was not about the amount of money involved.

"She has misused the benefits that gallantry awards provide. She tried to make money for her NGO. It is a serious criminal offence under Section 273 of Income Tax Act," he said.
It is in her benefit that she should subject herself to a CBI inquiry, he said adding, "till her name is cleared, she should stay away from public life and stop giving lectures on corruption."
He said she is a former IPS officer and she has the repsonsibility to set some standards on conduct and probity.
The allegations against Bedi that she overcharged companies and institutions by inflating her travel expenses evoked a strong attack from Congress and former colleagues in the anti-corruption campaign.
Allegations were levelled against Bedi, a key member of Team Anna, that she used her gallantry medal to get 75% discount on Air India tickets and then submitted inflated invoices to claim full fare from the organisers who invite her to speak at various fora.

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